2018 Technical Leadership Accelerator

For technical professionals and leaders

Become an empowered technical leader with increased influence and impact in the workplace. Communicate clearly, build high-performing teams and lead stakeholders to deliver successful technical solutions

“Technical leadership is seriously challenging”

Modern businesses need strong technical leadership to guide them into the modern age. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to master the technical aspects…


Is it hard to get stakeholder’s onboard and to keep their requirements manageable?

Are your technical teams not as high-performing as they should be?

Do you find your ideas are not taken onboard and progressed?

We can help

The Technical Leadership Accellerator Program was designed to deliver a remarkable change to the influence, impact and leadership capacity of professionals with technical backgrounds, resulting in…


Ability to influence stakeholders generating buy-in and ‘bringing them on the journey’.

Increased confidence and the ability to effectively manage stress in real-time

Ability to inspire high-performing teams and partnerships to deliver fantastic results

Get ready for a remarkable transformation

“We provide a rich environment to support your transformation and growth as a technical leader”

Over the course of the 20 week program, leaders are exposed to the practical expectations of leadership and strategic alignment as well as developing soft skills and exploring more philosophical aspects of leadership.

Participants are encouraged to understand the frameworks and principles and integrate them into their own authentic leadership style through deliberate practice during the program.

“Participants build a toolkit of skills and habits that ultimately transform the way they think about and reflect on what they do and how they interact with and influence staff, colleagues, senior management and partners.”

Participants learn the 6 superpowers of great leaders

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The Technical Leadership Accelerator Program blends face-to-face training with online learning modules, webinars, peer accountability groups, networks and coaching sessions to ensure momentum is built during the 20 weeks and sustained after the program ends

High-performance environment: Valuable resources, high-quality training, accountability, networking

Participants get

  • 4 face-to-face training days over 20 weeks
  • Online coursework, videos, checklists and other tools
  • Peer-to-peer accountability group
  • 2 leadership coaching sessions
  • Online community to support peer-to-peer networking and reflection—Alumni can maintain membership for free after the program is complete

It delivers

  • The ability to align stakeholder requirements, reducing complexity
  • The ability generate stakeholder buy-in resulting in supportive stakeholders who commit resources and singing your praises.
  • Increased communication, collaboration and conflict resolution skills
  • Better technology outcomes aligned with the business direction
  • Improved leadership capacity
  • The ability to build high-performing teams, resulting in increased staff performance amongst complexity, change and uncertainty
  • Increased resilience for you and your staff

Organisational benefits

There are also significant benefits to your organisation outlined over here. Send that page to your supervisor so they can see the business outcomes of sponsoring your participation.

Meet the faculty

Andrew Ramsden

Andrew Ramsden

Technical leadership and influence

After 15 years successfully leading digital transformation, Andrew is now regularly asked to speak at conferences around Australia on digital strategy, organisational transformation and leadership.

Cameron Aggs

Cameron Aggs

EQ, mindfulness and leadership psychology

Cam is an EQ and mindfulness guru. Featured in Huffington Post, Cam is a leading expert in resilience, stress management, collaboration and innovation.

Andrew Low

Andrew Low

Transformational leadership coaching

Andrew is a transformational coach who helps leaders and executives unlock their potential by letting go of limiting beliefs and aligning their vision with powerful new mindsets and values.

Michael Urness

Michael Urness

Critical conversations and negotiation

Mike has taken his extensive experience with merger negotiations, conflict and strategic relationship management to teach others how to master negotiation and conflict resolution.

Client testimonials


This course has given me the skills to get time back, to grow a productive rather than negative mindset, has helped me build my inner confidence and resilience and allowed me to identify and grow my leadership qualities for the real world.

Client from Queensland Government


The online content was the most comprehensive, efficiently packaged and engaging training of it’s type I have ever completed

Client from Australian Government


There’s a risk of evangelising when returning from these types of events but I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned to improve the culture of our workplace and the quality of our work environment

Client from Queensland Government

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