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of organisations are digital winners1
In many organisations, there is a disconnect between technology, the customer, and the business.
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About your organisation

You understand the importance of innovation to maintain your organisation’s relevance and competitive advantage. Your organisation sees pockets of success around innovation, but all too often technology and transformation projects fail or under-deliver. You need innovation and transformation to be part of your organisations’ DNA.

About the program

The Digital First Organisation program targets the three key pillars that significantly increase your organisation’s odds of delivering successful transformation initiatives:
  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
The program includes a discovery and baseline phase and then the package is tailored to your current level of maturity, strengths and weaknesses.

Package components include

Collaborative development of ’transformational values’ for your organisation with your leadership team
Training, tools, templates and processes around how to embed the new values across your organisation
Strategic foresight and digital strategy development with your leadership team and key stakeholders from around the organisation
Leadership development packages, including access to our flagship programs: Alpha Digital Executive and Alpha Technical Leader.

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