Lean and Agile programs

Think big. Start small. Enjoy the journey!

Starting up is an uphill battle


Whether you’re launching a startup, small business or you’re an intrapreneur inside your organistion, starting up is hard, fast and crazy competitive.

Luckily there are foolproof tools and techniques you can use to stay lean, agile and ensure your product lands directly on the sweet spot of your market.

Get the process

There is a known path to accelerate startup success, it’s not always straight, but it is navigable

Get the tools

Get access to high-quality tools to guide critical thinking and decisions along the journey

Get expert support

Get support with critical strategy and decisions, like when to pivot or when to persevere

Lean Startup and Agile toolkits

Participants get

  • face-to-face training programs
  • Digital access to frameworks, tools, and resources
  • Access to the ‘red phone’ for questions after the event
  • Ongoing access to coaching and support

Program overview

  1. The Lean Startup method
  2. Market–Problem fit
  3. Problem–Solution fit
  4. The power of Brand
  5. Design Thinking for startups
  6. Customer-centred design
  7. Agile delivery and tools

“Alpha Transform were able to guide us through some really tricky decisions. Andrew’s advice and support around brand and commercialisation in particular was invaluable”

Participant from TWiG Innovation Program

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