Inspirational CIOs Program

Become an inspirational and empowering CIO who creates high-performance environments and teams with little ongoing effort.

“The role of the modern CIO is getting more difficult”

The pace of technology adoption continues to increase as does demand and complexity of requirements. Global trends confirm that customers expect better digital experiences, stakeholders expect more technology and deeper integration to better enable them, and the business expects you to deliver more, with less resources.
What’s more, staff expect more from their workplace than ever before, and workplaces that can’t deliver are experiencing high levels of absenteeism, turnover and low staff performance.

These trends mean CIOs are facing:
Lack of creativity and innovation in teams
Lack of resilience in staff
(stress, absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover and burnout)
Teams who don’t perform as they should

We can help

Research shows high-performing workplaces are not only possible, but emerge naturally when you put the right pillars in place. This transformation results in:
A positive environment that staff enjoy and fosters creativity and innovation
Staff who feel supported and handle pressure better, are more resilient and productive
Motivated staff who invest discretionary effort to deliver their best

Become an Inspirational CIO

The Inspirational CIO Program provides a personalised and targeted one-on-one learning environment for CIOs. It supports you to become an empowering and inspirational leader who creates high-performance environments and teams with little ongoing effort.
By completing this program and putting it into action in your workplace, you will see increased creativity and innovation from your teams, reduced staff stress, absenteeism, and turnover, and ultimately motivated staff who perform consistently at a high level and invest discretionary effort to deliver their best.
We are so confident about this that if you don’t feel you’ve seen improvement in these areas we provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

CIOs receive

  • 8 weekly online lessons (20-30 minutes each) including videos, activities and reference material for those who like to dig deeper
  • 6 individual coaching sessions to personalise the insights and target specific challenges you’re facing to ensure you get the most out of the program
  • Access to resources and tools to roll out high-performing environments across your teams.

It delivers

  • The mindsets of an Inspirational CIO and psychological flexibility needed to put them into practice.
  • The High-Performing Team Pyramid: The step-by-step process of creating high-performance environments and teams.
  • The ability to motivate staff and stakeholders, generating buy-in and commitment.
  • Increased resilience for you and your teams.
  • Improved Transformational Leadership capacity.
  • Ultimately, better technology outcomes.

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By registering for a Discovery session, we have a chance to discuss your situation and whether there’s value in the program for you. There is no obligation to continue after this session unless you see heaps of value in the program.

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Our proven results

Alpha Transform specialises in leadership development for technical professionals. Based on the best of modern leadership theory, primary research about what’s working now with CIOs and technical leaders from all around Australia, plus our faculty has more than 45 years combined hands-on experience leading digital and technology transformation programs.

Our programs have demonstrated results:


increased staff engagement


reduced depression


less anxiety


decreased stress

Client testimonials

Easily understood for a very complex subject area. Related extremely well to the workplace environment.

Client from Telstra Queensland

The online content was the most comprehensive, efficiently packaged and engaging training of it’s type I have ever completed

Client from Australian Government

There’s a risk of evangelising when returning from these types of events but I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned to improve the culture of our workplace and the quality of our work environment

Client from Queensland Government

Meet your coaches

Andrew Ramsden

Andrew Ramsden

Technical leadership and influence

After 15 years successfully leading digital transformation, Andrew is now regularly asked to speak at conferences around Australia on digital strategy, organisational transformation and leadership.
Cameron Aggs

Cameron Aggs

EQ, mindfulness and leadership psychology

Cam is an EQ and mindfulness guru. Featured in Huffington Post, Cam is a leading expert in resilience, stress management, collaboration and innovation.
Andrew Low

Andrew Low

Transformational leadership coaching

Andrew is a transformational coach who helps leaders and executives unlock their potential by letting go of limiting beliefs and aligning their vision with powerful new mindsets and values.

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